Kartika Dewi : Konnichiwa JAPAN – SSEAYP [Part -1]

Journey. Life-changing. Infinite memories.

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Such a long time since I visit this blog and reading the stories about the alumni of the program, couldn't believe myself now that I have chance to share my story as I was selected for SSEAYP program back in 2012. Yes it is amazing and unbelievably beautiful memories. Here I would like a glimpse about my Japan journey and you can find the rest about my experience in my personal blog :P  

Well, I’ve been cruising to the part of the Southeast Asian countries with the Cruise ship and along bringing the mission as the Youth Ambassador representing Indonesia contingent. Don’t get too serious on my mission :) because this blog is where I want to share the joy of my journey. We have visited the NYC (National Youth Center) of Japan, trust me its krayyzy! Huge assemble hall and huge stage of performance, amazing atmosphere and people around and lovely experience.

First day arrived we stayed in New Ottani Hotel and impressed me with the weather. Its cold and breezy, just love it! We went to tokyo street and looking for Hachiko statue the phenomenal dog in Shibuya  and yeah I got the snap dude :D . Then we all have chance to stay in Japan’s family. My counterpart home stay is BIBI, she is from Brunnei Darussalam. Our mom is a therapist, doing acupuncture as her jobs. She got her clinic just before we entrance the main door. She has two daughters and a son and grandma and grandpa staying with us too.

Finally I slept in Japanese house, you know the one like in Doraemon cartoon :P , yes we had almost the same. With two storey house while you can hear the tapping foot when you walk around the house and that type of bed when you have to fold it back once you wake up the next morning and put it back inside the cupboard. We had home made sushi party on our last night and surely exchange gift :)

Also I have chance to visit KOBE city. First impression, I am fainted (almost) . I can believe myself in Kobe, city of love. We were having sight seeing at night and all present you have from this city is the magical lights around the trees, building and the streets. So calm, less of noise, friendly and comfortable. Beautiful scene around you no matter day or night. Oh my God, one day I should be back there!

Lastly I have to depart cruising from YOKOHAMA port. Also a nice city to visit and I’ve visited school there where they used Ipad as part of the teaching studies. Modern and modest city, good to have sightseeing and nice harbor to depart.

I’ve got so much to tell about but I have no idea where to start, so I decided just to share some pictures during my journey and hope can inspire other youth :)

You can visit my personal blog for my other trip stories, here is the link!

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 Lots of Love,

PCMI Kepri

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