when i was in the program, if people ask me . Wan, where are you right now ?
i always said "i'm at home". i'm not lying though everytime i got my laptop on there was always at home, because i have no time for online everytime if i was went out for work or group meeting or community project. well not my actual home though . but there was the other place where i can call home as well . i love my Canadian family.

one think that i love about this program is.... yes it make me so busy ..
don't get wrong this is honest, not sarcasm.
you will feel like every second of your movement is priceless. you do something !
it is something . as syahrini said "SESUATU".
everything you did is knowledge ..

i just like you buddy .. i'm an ordinary girl from tiny tropical island. doing my normal activity like school, hang out with my friends, sleep late, gets up late, mom nagging with me, sometimes lazy, drool while sleeping etc.


Well, i heard about this program firstly on 2009 and i read that on "wall magazine" of my college department. i applied on selection and i became the reserve PY of SSEAYP.
on 2010 i wasn't attend the selection, and last year on 2011 finally i became the participant of Canada World Youth Program.

the selection approximately same every year . writing test english and general knowledge, interview about general knowledge, psychology , national and international hot issues, local culture and tourism. of course in english. the last test is performances . so fascinating !

To be honest, attended the selection on 2011 was so dilemmatic choice for me.
why ?
  • i was in my last year of my college
  • i was on my internship
  • i was on my diploma thesis
  • i would get my trial thesis soon.
so, override all of that college stuff, i was went through the selection anyway.
what i was thinking is just "NOTHING TO LOSE" and BOOM!
here i am as the alumnae and writing this blog.
and i got my diploma certificate as an accounting, even i wasn't attend the graduation ceremony .
i am not regret, because it paid !

i'm not an expert, and i'm not preachy. i just wanna share to you that if u planning to join this selection but you are not confident enough or not sure about the rush, DON'T BE !!
because everyone has equal possibility to be next representative. just try and nothing to lose but you will get a lot of things. i applied twice before i passed the selection and so many alumnae had applied more than that.


Courtesy Call at civil Building

we had the PRE DEPARTURE TRAINING before the program start, they held it at cibubur for couple weeks. there the all of material preparation start. from group dynamic to organizing. from dancing to singing. from laughing to crying. from messy to gorgeous. and from english to french.

Ca va ? je ne comprends pas
:p .

we are 27 representatives from Indonesia from each province of indonesia (not entire). because it will alternately change every year and 27 from Canada as well. 3 project supervisors (PS) (alumnae of ICYEP) from Indonesia and 3 from Canada. We will separated into 3 groups because we have 3 communities.
- charlettown, Prince edwar island province - cikandang, west java
- Halifax, Nova scotia province - Depok, West Java
- Truro, Nova Scotia - Sei. Gohong, Central Borneo (i was in this community)

So each group got 20 people inside. 9 volunteers from indonesia, 9 volunteers from Canada, 1 PS from indonesia, and 1 PS from Canada. We will live 3 months in canada and 3 months in indonesia. All of us !

Before we sent to our community, whole of the group Indonesian and Canadian had an orientation in summer camp at Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. we met there and knowing each others . What a sweet ending summer . the weather was still 25 degrees celcius with the fresh breeze . yeah between hot and cold !


Halloween Party

Each of us in the group will get pairs . it called Counterpart (CP). CP is the person that will live with u during 6 months program. both of u will live in 1 family who will hosting you in the community. you will be the part of canadian family. thanks giving dinner. christmas dinner . and the other family event . You will eat the way they eat . the meals . and being the part of Canadian culture . Exciting !

Beside the CP and host family things, u will get work placement in the community. i was one of the very lucky volunteer who got 2 work placements. and i work with my CP in Maggie's place resource centre (non profit organization) and Food Bank . (click it for information)

i worked from monday to wednesday. not including free volunteering like collect the food donations in halloween to each house in truro for food bank. or cooking at the church for people who need it . culture performance at embrace art festival. etc

once a week we held Educational Activity day (EAD), which is mean we learn about local issues with different topic every week. the team who in charge will be the facilitator from 9am to 4pm. they will present the information that they got from community resource. example: food security, fundamental freedom, sex education etc.

the most exciting in the program is Group Hang out ! yeaayy !
Group ice skating, Group Curling practice, halifax tour, birthday party, mid project. etc.

and the last thing we did is culture show as a farewell to host family, work placement and people in truro . the indonesian taught the canadian indonesian dances and songs. saman dance from aceh, mandau dance from central borneo, kembang jatoh dance from jakarta and a lot of indonesian traditional songs. it was around 100 people came to our show .. AWESOME !


Mid Project in Martapura, South Borneo

Indonesian phase and Canadian phase pretty much the same, but we have community project in indonesian phase. it is like KKN (kuliah Kerja Nyata) in state university . Our community projects were street light, waste management, library and home gardening.

in this phase i worked at Puskesmas as administration staff or sometime as registration staff . once a week me and my work placement CP (stacy) gave the PUSKESMAS staffs english lesson.

our EAD in indonesia more exciting rather than in Canada, because we have no slide presentation but we came across to the place regarding the topic every week. example: Employment EAD we went to rubber plantation, Forest EAD we went to national park forest for tracking . Market EAD we went to Palangkaraya traditional market.


A lot of things i learnt in this program. i improve my english, i learn how to organize the event, i lerant how to work togeher as a group, i learnt indonesian traditional dances and song, i learnt canadian culture. a bunch of ideas . i learnt everything .

this program taught me a lot .

if people ask me what've you got in this program? i will just say "I GOT 10 Sisters and 8 brothers .. ow yeah and awesomr project supervisor .


if you wanna see another pictures of my program feel free to visit my blog .
click here!

PCMI Kepri

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